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the wrinkly network!


The Wrinkly Network is a business membership providing a full range of support services for businesses, organisations and community groups who provide products and services for retired, elderly and vulnerable communities.  If, as an organisation, you often feel isolated, unsupported or alone and don't know where to go for support and assistance The Wrinkly Network is for you



The Wrinkly Network is  taking a different approach to networking. We  believe that working together as a collective  partnership we can deliver an age friendly community.

Long gone are the days of dusting off the suit with a pocket full of business cards and avoiding that person you do not want to see.  We  guarantee the way we do things is different. We maximise the time you spend with us to benefit you and your client.

Our events are formatted to provide you as a business the tools you need.

How do we provide this?

Our events are formatted to provide your business the tools it needs.

0845hrs Networking

Meet and coffee

News and events

New members

Forum discussion

We don’t stop  there! We believe by sharing information and knowledge we improvesthe lives of older and vulnerable people.

 1000hrs follow on event (90 mins) (optional)

Specialist speaker

Introduction to training

Business support workshops

We are building a community of businesses which understand the difficulties of getting old and its challenges by joining together.  Our clients will receive the added value they deserve.


Training and development can be expensive and generic not covering the specialist subjects needed to provide your services and products.

The Wrinkly Network works with our partners to provide cost-effective and relevant training packages for business owners and employees.

Our tailor made courses are specifically designed and orientated to understand the needs of vulnerable adults and our older generations.

We provide training on:

Client enrichment

Understanding health assessments

Dementia workshops

How to work with charities

How to use public services effectively

Legal advice

Financial advice (pensions, tax, investment)

Care advice and funding

The training is provided by our partners and experts in their field.

We also have specialist speakers skilled in the vulnerable and older market place.

All our speakers are dynamic and thought provoking and will make you think about how you approach your clients.  They will provide information and solutions on how businesses should adapt to meet your clients' needs and requirements.

Most of our training and talks will meet CPD requirements and can be used for staff development.

The Wrinkly Network training reduces your costs by sharing the knowledge and spreading the cost across the sector.


Alongside The Wrinkly Network training becoming a member gives you access to our business mentoring partners.

We provide support to small businesses, business wanting to work with charities, community groups and the wider voluntary sector.

A huge amount of information is available whether it is legal, financial, pensions, health, business growth, business planning tender writing or funding.

We have specialists that can give you the time needed to help you achieve your goals.

Our business mentoring partners will be part of our specialist speakers programto give an introduction into the services they can provide.


The Wrinkly Network gives back to the community by donating to the The Wrinkly Wishes.

The Wrinkly Wishes rewards local volunteers for their hard work and service to the elderly and vulnerable community and and helps to fund community projects.

Throughout the year the network fund raises to provide thank you trips and make wishes come true.  If 94 year old John runs to the shops each day to collect the newspaper and milk for his 80 year old neighbours doesn't he deserve a thank you?  If Glenda goes out in the snow and has cleared a walkway to the doctors surgery for 50 years doesn't she deserve a thank you?  If 96 year old Jack's last bucket list wish is to fly in a spitfire shouldn't we help him achieve that?

Our local communities need to say thank you to our silent army of volunteers and those who have risked life and limb for us.  Without these people, life just simply wouldn't work!

Wrinkly Wishes Fund

Our members have raised for good causes and community projects

Due to start in 2018!

Contact us - 0800 36 88377



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